Our Bishop

Bishop Dwight Gunn was born on June 10, 1970 to Joseph and Verona Gunn. At the age of 10, he joined Christ Tabernacle M.B. Church of Austin. As he grew in the Lord, he served in the Cherub Choir, the Youth Choir and co-organized the Youth Bible Study.

Bishop Gunn Graduated "Valedictorian" from Helen M. Hefferan Elementary School and received his diploma from Albert G. Lane Technical High School. He continued his education at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, under a football scholarship. During his college years, Bishop Gunn started a Big Brother/Big Sister program and he organized Friday night fellowship to give the college students at SIUC an alternative to secular parties. This effort, combined with other students on campus, grew into the organization now know as Black Student Ministries. While living in Carbondale, Bishop Gunn served as Administrative Assistant to Pastor Walter W. Matthews of Hopewell Baptist Church.

Bishop Gunn is married to Min. Monique Gunn and has 2 children, Majesty Christina and Grace Dominique.

Bishop Gunn was appointed to the office of Deacon in 1989. The Lord called him into the preaching ministry in October of 1990. His trial sermon entitled, "It's Time" was preached on December 15, 1991. Bishop Gunn was licensed by the late Rev. Milton R. Brunson on March 15, 1991 and was ordained as a Preacher of the Gospel on July 31, 1992.

In January of 1997, Bishop Gunn was appointed Assistant Pastor of Christ Tabernacle M.B. Church of Austin. Upon the passing of Rev. Milton Brunson, Bishop Gunn served as the Interim Pastor. He served as Senior Pastor of Christ Tabernacle M.B. Church of Austin from February 1, 1999 to January 5, 2003. Under the direction of God, on January 12, 2003 Bishop Gunn lead the Inaugural Worship Service of Heritage International Christian Church (H.I.C.C) with over 600 people in attendance, and he serves as the founding Visionary and Chief Apostolic gift to the house.

In accordance to the Apostolic call on Bishop Gunn's life he founded Edifying the Saints Ministries, an outreach ministry designed to mature the body of Christ through encouragement and development, while promoting a Christ-like style in both word and deed.

His mission in this apostolic age is to mature the people of God by exposing mediocrity and setting order in the House of God. His motto is "without Faith(confidence in the divine word of God) it is impossible to please God". The Lord has assigned Bishop Gunn to minister the word of God with boldness and clarity.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BishopDwightGunn

Twitter: @BishopDGunn

Mission Statement


-Our Mission-

To establish the Kingdom of God in the earth by promoting biblical principles
To promote spiritual order through discipleship of family, community and Church
To increase Kingdom wealth through training and stewardship
To edify the body of Christ through clear and concise Christian education
To evangelize the WORLD through mission and relevant soul winning tactics



Prayer Request

What We Believe

What We Believe

*We are a Theocratic Church operating in Apostolic Order (Ministry of the Sent One) Acts 20:28, John 6:28, Acts 2:42

*Our church is organized with a 5 fold ministry set up
1. Apostolic-Governs-Administration
2. Prophetic-Guides-Worship
3. Evangelistic-Gathers-Outreach
4. Pastoral-Guards-In reach
5. Teaching-Grows-Educate
*Our wine skins (structure) cannot become brittle and inflexible.
Luke 5:37, Matt 4:4

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